We keep it simple. We do 3 things well

Find and place top-notch candidates
Decrease new hire failure rate
Streamline the recruiting process for both Client & Candidate

What We Do

With over 30-years of experience successfully staffing companies from the start, while maintaining a 95% retention rate, retention is key to us.

Our goal is to help you hire critical roles while reducing turnover, all while maintaining record-breaking retention rates. We accomplish this by our in-depth screening process to understand not only the hard skills (skill set) of the search but the soft skills (personality traits) and culture fit. We seek to understand, right from the start of the search, key elements that will drive success for all stakeholders. All of this is achieved through trust and total understanding.

Partnership drives our actions and passion drives our accomplishments.

We then repeat the process of understanding for both soft and hard skills from the candidates we contact. Many of our candidates are referrals, therefore a good relationship is established quickly and this makes it easier to make a great match on both sides. Candidates share freely and we are able to help them discover their career talents. This is what we do best. We are able to develop trust quickly. We understand the dynamics of recruiting and candidates are made to feel comfortable quickly.

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We really do see ourselves as an extension of your organization, and we are committed to earn and keep your trust.

Our Promise

Savage Search Associates will deliver results with Quality, Speed, Integrity, and 1:1 Service.

  • Quality– We will submit talented individuals with demonstrated measurable results from their former positions. Our in-depth screening process not only reveals candidates’ talent, but we also search for red flags. Unexpected employment gaps, excessive job-hopping, illogical career moves, and lack of career progression, are just a few we keep our eyes on.
  • Speed– Qualified engaged candidates will be submitted within 48-72 hours on all searches in our core and geographic scope. For nationwide and mid to high-level searches, we present vetted candidates within 2-4 weeks or less.

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